Hybrid Turf Systems

Hybrid Turf Systems
The most important part of the carpet pitches is of course artificial grass. You have hundreds of different alternatives for artificial grass. Today, an alternative has been produced instead of artificial turf. This is defined as hybrid grass.

Hybrid grass is a type of ground created by combining artificial grass with natural grass. Hybrid grass, which is the most similar ground type with natural grass ground, is very useful.

Thanks to the hybrid grass, sporters perform better. Hybrid grass floors are very durable and robust.

Hybrid grass or reinforced natural grass is a hybrid grass that contains both natural grass and synthetic grass. Synthetic (artificial) grass is stuck under the surface, that is, deep, and natural grass roots are entangled in artificial grass. Thus, stronger grass is obtained.

There are no ground deformations and grass lifts that we see in the field. It is also very easy to carry. Grass can be easily removed and re-laid for events on the football field.

With hybrid grass, football can be played 24/7 under almost all conditions. Better gaming features provide less slippery playing surfaces, even in wet conditions. It offers a smooth and flat playing surface even when exposed to high wear.  Even if natural grass is worn, it always has a green surface. Optimum parameters for player-surface interaction offer friction, rolling resistance, underfoot stability, shear strength, drainage. Hybrid grass, known as fortified natural grass, is the best ground type today.
However, we generally recommend hybrid grass produced from 55mm thick monofilament yarn.

You will not change the hybrid lawn very often, so never come close to the cheapest models.

For more information; www.hatkosport.com/hybrid-grass  please contact us.

High Quality and Innovative Hatko Hybridgrass Turf

Vouliagmeni is one of Attica’s most popular place. It is located south of the Athens and has beautiful beaches. Vouliagmeni Municipality decided to improve their joy and chose to improve their football field with Hatko Hybridgrass. Hybridgrass is a high quality product, is a perfect combination of Omega fibers and natural grass. It gives all …

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