Our first Hybridgrass project in Panama

Presenting the newly completed Estadio Rommel Fernández in Panama, a testament to the innovative capabilities of Hybridgrass technology. 

Located in the heart of Panama, this stadium combines natural grass with synthetic fibers to create a resilient and high-performance playing surface. Equipped with advanced drainage systems and UV-resistant materials, Estadio Rommel Fernández ensures optimal playing conditions for athletes and minimizes environmental impact.

Home to the Panama national football team and local clubs such as Tauro FC, Estadio Rommel Fernández provides a modern and sustainable venue for sports enthusiasts. Its eco-conscious design reduces water consumption and maintenance costs while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a natural grass field.

Join us in celebrating this milestone achievement in sports infrastructure, as Estadio Rommel Fernández exemplifies our commitment to enhancing sporting experiences worldwide through innovative technology. Hybridgrass: Where technology meets nature, for the game of the future.

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