Atatürk Olympic Stadium
Atatürk Olympic Stadium | Turkiye
2023 UEFA Champions League Final
Anfield Stadium
Anfield Stadium | England
Principality Stadium
Principality Stadium | England
Wales Rugby Union
Gdansk Arena Polland
Gdansk Arena | Polland
2021 UEFA Europa League Final
Air Albania Stadium Albania
Air Albania Stadium | Albania
2022 UEFA Conference League Final
Senegal Stadium Senegal
Senegal Stadium | Senegal
Qualifying Matches for FIFA 2022 World Cup
STADIUM MK | England
UEFA Women’s EURO 2022
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HYBRIDGRASS is the ultimate marriage between natural and synthetic grass. It combines all the benefits of a natural grass playing..

Benefits For The Facility Manager
verti-drain-hybridgrassIncrease of playing capacity up to 1.000 hours per annum. Play and train on the same surface and therefore reduce the need for additional…..
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Benefits For the Ground staff
No more divot to repair! No special maintenance equipment required. Easy to manipulate playing surface conditions. Quick recovery of …
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Benefits For the Players
Football-FootPlayable 24/7 under almost all conditions, Uniform and level playing surface, always green surface, even when natural grass has worn out.
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