What is Hybridgrass


HATKO HYBRIDGRASS  combines all the benefits of a natural grass playing surface with the strength and durability of synthetic grass. 

The HYBRIDGRASS system consists of high quality synthetic grass fibers, tufted in a special patented backing incorporating over 50% voids enhancing the growing conditions for the natural grass.

HYBRIDGRASS carpet is installed on a carefully selected root zone layer and filled with a specifically defined root zone mixture before high quality sports field grass is seeded into the surface.

The natural grass grows between the synthetic grass fibers creating a strong and vigorous playing surface. The ‘open’ texture of the backing ensures that the grass roots are not obstructed in their vertical movement downwards.

Anfield Stadium | England

In professional football, a quality playing surface is not only about the players’ experience but also about the impression created for viewers watching on TV, which can affect the image of a competition. Knowing the importance of high-quality playing surfaces, clubs and competition organisers work hard to prepare and maintain them to the highest level.

The FIFA Quality Programme for Natural Playing Surfaces, launched in October 2021, aims to harmonise the testing procedure and enable clubs and competition organisers to use the same criteria to compare the quality of natural playing surfaces.

As per this manual, HATKO Hybridgrass is categorized as “Synthetic Carpet Based Natural Playing Surface

Installed in several stadiums to host major tournament finals, HATKO Hybridgrass pitches have been rigorously tested by independent FIFA/UEFA consultants and have continuously been awarded with
5 stars, the highest score.


Increased playing capacity (up to 1000 hours per annum)

Ability to play and train on the same surface

Always Green: Optimum visual appearance for the players, spectators, and TV broadcasters

LOW Installation, maintenance, use/hour costs

Re-using the HYBRIDGRASS surface as turf sods

No special maintenance equipment


No more divot to repair!

No special maintenance procedures required.

Easy to manipulate playing surface conditions.

Tailored to the requirements of players and managers.

Quick recovery of natural grass during the season and regeneration period.

Shorter off-season the regeneration period.

Easy to repair damages by simply replacing sections.


Playable 24/7 under almost all conditions.

Uniform and level playing surface.

Always green surface, even when natural grass has worn out.

Optimum parameters in player-surface interaction.

Optimum parameters in player-surface interaction.

Ability to play and train on the same surface.

A consistently high-quality playing surface year-round.

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