Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) reports for Hybridgrass and Hybridgrass BIO.

At HATKO, we continuously strive to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions that balance performance, durability, and eco-friendliness. Today, we are proud to share the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) reports for our groundbreaking products, Hybridgrass and Hybridgrass BIO. These revolutionary systems combine the advantages of natural grass with the resilience of synthetic turf, paving the way for greener and more sustainable sports field solutions.

Starting an EPD study is a pivotal moment in our pursuit of sustainability. EPDs are verified and standardized assessments that provide objective data on a product’s environmental impact throughout its lifecycle. By conducting these comprehensive studies, we gain invaluable insights into the environmental footprint of Hybridgrass and Hybridgrass BIO, enabling us to make informed decisions and drive positive change.



Hybridgrass BIO

Hybridgrass BIO

With EPD reports, we embrace transparency in our practices. It is essential for our customers and partners to understand the true impact of our products on the environment. The EPD reports offer a clear and reliable overview of the carbon footprint, energy consumption, and other relevant environmental factors associated with our synthetic turf systems. This transparency reinforces our commitment to being accountable for our actions and responsible for the impact we leave on the planet.

With the conventional latex backed synthetic turf, the Global Warming Potential of Greenhouse Gases (GWP-GHG) averages around 5.8 to 6.0. In stark contrast, Hybridgrass and Hybridgrass BIO boast significantly lower GWP-GHG figures. Through meticulous design and production optimization, Hybridgrass achieved a remarkable GWP-GHG value of 4.21. However, it is Hybridgrass BIO that takes the spotlight, with an astonishing GWP-GHG value of just 3.15, only half of latex backed artificial turf. This substantial reduction can be attributed to the elimination of latex, as we opted for a new fusion coating technology that uses a single polymer, making the entire system 100% recyclable; a testament to the power of innovation and the difference we can make when we prioritize the environment in our product development

Our commitment to environmental stewardship goes beyond publishing EPD reports. We’ve taken strides towards sustainability with the installation of solar panels that harness clean energy for our operations. By harnessing solar power, we have already begun reducing our CO2 footprint and anticipate further reductions in our GWP number within a year’s time

With transparency, accountability, and a dedication to reducing our carbon footprint, we forge a path towards a greener future. We invite you to join us in this eco-conscious mission as we create a brighter, more sustainable future for sports fields and the planet we call home. Together, we can play a pivotal role in championing sustainability, one Hybridgrass field at a time

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