Finland’s first ever Hybridgrass football pitch makes the news!

As featured in Finland’s biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, the field reinforced with Hatko Hybridgrass in Käpylä, Helsinki is one of the northernmost Hybridgrass pitches in the world. 

Thanks to its flexible construction, Hatko Hybridgrass system has been modified to the weather conditions in Finland. Käpylä’s field has roughly the same amount of natural grass and artificial grass, while in stadiums located in warmer European countries; the proportion of artificial grass is only a few percent.

The season of use of natural grass in Helsinki lasts about 18 weeks, i.e. four months, and the field can be used 20–25 hours a week. With HATKO Hybridgrass, the number of hours of use will double, i.e. about 40–50 hours a week.

The pitch was seeded in the begining of June 2023, and will be ready to host its first game in 5 weeks.

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