Why Choose Hybrid Grass Instead of Natural Grass?

Why Choose Hybrid Grass Instead of Natural Grass?

Hybrid grass is a very common term that we hear these days. So many football clubs started to use this type of field because of its benefits. Hybrid fields are getting more and more popular all around the world. So, what is hybrid grass? Why so many clubs and sports players prefer it? What are the benefits of hybrid grass? And why choose hybrid grass? As an expert and one of the most popular firms Hatko Sport, today we will give valuable information about hybrid grass.


What is Hybrid Grass?

In order to explain hybrid grass, we should know first what is hybrid? According to dictionaries, hybrid is a mixture or offspring of two very different things in order to get better characteristics. Normally, the term was used for plants or animals. But today, we generally hear the word for cars. Hybrid car motors use two different power sources, generally gas and electricity.

So we can easily understand what hybrid grass is. Hybrid grass is an innovative product that is the offspring of natural and artificial grass. The main job in hybrid grass is to install synthetic fibers deep enough into the surface to make natural grassroots to coil up. When the natural grass grows together with natural grass, the structure will be a mixture of natural and artificial grass. This way, it is possible to create a more strong and durable sports field. So, the surface field will be very strong and resistant to vertical and horizontal forces.

So, where can we use hybrid grass? Actually, there is no restriction about hybrid grass use. You can prefer this innovative grass type in any place instead of natural grass. But, hybrid grass is a complicated and improved technic. Also more expensive than synthetic grass. So, it is generally preferred for professional fields and purposes. We mean generally professional football fields.

What are the Benefits of Hybrid Grass?

Hybrid grass has many benefits, that we will explain from different perspectives;

Benefits of the field

The most important benefits of hybrid grass are characteristic features;

  • Reduces the wearing out level of the pitch,
  • Protects the homogenous structure at all the spots,
  • Increases the stability of surface friction level,
  • It durable even when densely used,
  • Most importantly, it has the feeling of natural grass,
  • Also, natural grass has a protective effect on synthetic fibers,
  • Natural grass also increase the durability level against the UV effects,
  • The upper layers are durable against over-heating with its structure.

Benefits to the Play or Game

  • Perfect homogeneity,
  • An optimum level of soft structure,
  • Has  a great level of naturality for renewing,
  • Perfect heat insulation,
  • Strong permeability,

Why Choose Hybrid Grass

So, why should we prefer hybrid grass? Actually, all the features and benefits we have mentioned above are the reasons to choose hybrid instead of natural or artificial turf. As a general look, we can easily say that hybrid grass has all the benefits of both natural and synthetic turf. It is as durable and advantageous as artificial grass and as natural as traditional grass. It is a great combination to maximize the taste of the game itself.

Hatko Hybrid Grass

Hatko Sports Company is one of the 10 biggest artificial grass manufacturers in the World. We have already successfully accomplished over 400 projects in 100 countries on 4 different continents. We are one of the FIFA certified companies that construct football fields according to FIFA standards. Hatko Company improved its own innovative products like Omega Turf XL, Trophy non-filled artificial grass, and of course Hatko hybrid grass.

Hybrid grass is the latest technology for the football fields that FIFA certified as natural grass. And we are one of the distinguished companies that manufacture this innovative product.

For more; hatkosport.com/hybrid-grass/  

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